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Brad James

I was born and raised in Fond du Lac, WI and spent the majority of my formative years skateboarding, playing hockey, and performing in various rock bands. I moved to Madison in the fall of 2002 to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. After a year of college, I decided to change the path I was on and explore my interest in hair. I had zero experience or knowledge of what to expect going into my first day of beauty school. For myself, the ability to be creative and work with people has been absolutely crucial to my longterm happiness in my career. Since starting out in the industry I have acquired many hours of continued education, travel, and certificates to further my skill and will continue to do so. It is my belief that I am a service provider first and artist second. My focus is on making the person in my chair happy, and not trying to see how many “likes” I get on a picture or how many followers I have on social media. When I am not in the salon I am most likely biking around town shopping for vinyl and drinking a cortado, or out in nature for a hike. I enjoy good food and drink, live concerts, traveling, and supporting local businesses. I love this city and hope to help it live up to it’s potential in any way I can.

“Find what you love and let it kill you.” -Bukowski


A small space with a big heart. Creating a semi-private environment with full attention to the customer and experience. Good vibes only.

Principles and Products to believe in.

Corpus carries ethical and earth friendly products with the science to back them up. 

Responsible Hair Coloring.

The integrity of the hair is crucial in the immediate and long term success of any color service. All color services include a conditioning treatment. Hair color is a journey, respect the process.


Haircut $75

*includes shampoo and blowdry

Base Color + Blowdry $120

*includes conditioning treatment

Highlight/Lowlight + Blowdry $150

*includes conditioning treatment

Base Color + Haircut $170

*includes conditioning treatment

Highlight/Lowlight + Haircut $200

*includes conditioning treatment

A La Carte

*Bang Trim $20

*Brow Tint $20

*Brow Wax $20

*Glaze/toner $15-$30

Corpus Independent Styling

111 King St #101
Madison, WI 53703

Hours, By Appointment Only

Tuesday – 12-8
Wednesday – 10-6
Thursday – 12-8
Friday – 10-6
Saturday 10-4

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